About Us


My Vital View

My Vital View offers healthcare organizations a ubiquitous platform to
manage their patients in the most desired and cost effective
environment, their residential home. Improved patient engagement can
result in better disease prevention, by giving patients the tools to self-
monitor and change behavior; greater treatment success, based on
increased compliance with lifestyle changes and therapy; and better
clinical decision making, as a result of more information sharing

between the patient and clinician.

Management Team

My Vital View has over 50 years of combined experience, comprised of
c-suite executive level leadership in organizations across the entire
healthcare spectrum. Their combined diversified breadth of knowledge
consists of manufacturing and importing, wholesale distribution and
developing disruptive technology enabling healthcare organizations to
close the gap in patient care. Their experience coupled with decades of
domestic and international relationships has manifested the dynamic

architecture of My Vital View’s business model.